Testing Tokyo-Manchester data transmission for the “Magnetic Dance Glove” Network performance by Iannis Zannos on Tue 26 June
Written by
Ricardo Climent

“Magnetic Dance Glove” (MDG). The MDG is a wearable controller that is used by a dancer or other kind of performer to send movements of the hand that it is worn on wirelessly to a computer that participates as a node in the Magnetic Dance project.
Today we successfully run the first preliminary communication test between Tokyo and Manchester in preparation for the danceNetwork performance as part of the EASTN-DC week on Tuesday 26th of June 10 am. Iannis Zannos (MDG project leader for EASTN) has been working flat out to upload the MDG repository online, which we successfully compiled and run on Supecollider this morning. The communication so far was only successful in transmitting data from NOVARS (IP) to Tokyo but not all the way around. We are having a second test this Friday but this time in the main building where the Network dance piece between Tokyo, Manchester, Brussels and Corfu is going to be. In preparation for that, we have requested permission to IT to open a port and we have now the software installed on the iMac we will be using during the event. Next step is to buy the BOM with the wearable electronics, which include a sensor: Adafruit BMO055; Transmitter: Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266; Connectors: Made from Sparkfun Conductive Thread Bobbin and a Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, 3.7 Volts, minimum 500mAh. Which hopefully Jon Tipler (our great music technician) will solder.