Stanford Visit Day 6: Attending Entrepreneur Event at BLOCK71 San Francisco
Written by
Ricardo Climent

Saturday was our last day and we could not resist to attend an entrepreneur event in San Francisco and learn directly from a local initiative at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Attending BLOCK71 San Francisco is a US launchpad and gateway for start-ups striving to establish themselves in the US and Singapore tech ecosystems and facilitate that exchange. I was amazed to learn that the event was organised by our students from @NUS Overseas Colleges, in collaboration with UC Berkeley Sigma Eta Pi - Beta Chapter and NUS Entrepreneurs' Association -National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges Program (NOC) and DONUTcon (which provided lunch in exchange for the tilte of the event “The Do’s and Donuts of Startups!).

I enjoyed a number of talks topics which included Robotics for Retail stores, and Geli but specially the PechaKucha 20-20 pitches including Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads, Machine Learning, Women in Tech and marketing, affordable eBooks packages for College Students.

Was glad to meet Tom Kosnik, a Fenwick & West Consulting Professor at Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), Dept. of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University.  Alongside Annabella Peng, Tom is co-founder of GELI, the Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute, a startup introduced on the day to help other startups.