Stanford Visit Day 5: Studio tour to CCRMA - dreaming of a Max Lab back to England!
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Carlos kindly spent part of the Friday afternoon showing us the rest of CCRMA studios and preparing some demos in Ambisonics and multichannel in the Listening space. Originally from Seville, Carlos A. Sánchez García-Saavedra is a Researcher, Systems Administrator, Engineer and flamenco guitarrista at CCRMA. The tour included listening to a number of pieces in the 360 Listening Room, talking to students in the  Recording Studio, visits to Studios C, D and E; The fully dedicated VR Room, the EGG Room and a demo at CCRMA Stage. Apart from the listening room with the acoustically transparent floor, my favourite was was clearly the Max Lab (named after Max Mathews). I wish we had something like at NOVARS, where students and staff could build experimental instruments in a safely-run fablab studio. Very inspiring!