Stanford Visit Day 4: Coordinating next EASTN-DC visit to CCRMA in the Spring.
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On Thursday, we finally found the time to discuss in greater depth some aspects of the EASTN-DC visit to Stanford in parallel to LAC19 (probably back to back).

As organiser of the first full-week EASTN-DC artistic event in Manchester, I provided Match Wright and Constantin Basica with key information about the aims, objectives and practices we focused on during our event (as a reference point). We also discussed the mechanics to collect Expressions of Interest from the EASTN-DC network and I learnt about their role as part of EASTN-DC and the number of activities they will be running at LAC. I shared a preliminary list of EASTN-DC attendees to CCRMA in the Spring and some suggestions from the Network (thanks to Alexandros, Stefania, Annie, Laetitia, Iannis, Ludger etc for the information beforehand)