Stanford Visit Day 3: Measuring and 3D-modelling CCRMA Stage for "Maia's Demo" on day 4
Written by
Ricardo Climent

Ignacio Pecino, Artist in Residence 2017-21 at EASTN-DC Manchester fully measured and rendered the CCRMA Stage (including speakers!) for his demo "Maia (AR/VR)" - Towards a mixed-reality simulation framework for synchronised trans-real experiences –

Maia (AR/VR): Ignacio Pecino will demo Maia by creating a hyper-real virtual replica (1:1 scale) of a room at CCRMA, to construct 3D parallel worlds, where user-generated content is accurately localised, persistent, and automatically synchronised between both worlds—the real and its virtual counterpart. The focus will be using Maia to dissolve the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, facilitating creative activities and social interactions in selected locations regardless of the ontological approach. Content synchronisation takes places in the MAIA Cloud, an online software infrastructure for multimodal mixed reality.